Consulting Services

  • FileMaker Pro Database Design & Construction
  • FileMaker Pro Version Upgrades, Repair & Maintenance
  • FileMaker Pro Training, Tutoring & Mentoring
  • FileMaker Pro Research, Advice & Multi-User Deployment
  • Desktop Support
  • Network Administration
  • Web Site Design, Construction & Administration

A complete list of FileMaker Pro Development Services can be viewed HERE.


My consulting career in IT Services has spanned over 20 years, providing a wide variety of services in several capacities. I have been and continue to be a consultant to individuals and businesses, and I have served as an IT Services Manager for three event planning companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My client list can be viewed HERE.


My specialty, and the work that gives me the most satisfaction, is to build FileMaker Pro Databases.


I take a wide view of technology, and my relationship to it.  I am a person who enjoys using computers and software, and I have come to believe that providing IT Services is essentially the process of helping people make the most of the computing tools they have at their disposal.  It is my goal to provide my clients with the right technological solutions for their needs, at the right cost for their budget.

 I have kept a copy of my previous web site alive, HERE.