FileMaker Pro Development

FileMaker Pro Services for Small Businesses

I am a seasoned FileMaker Pro Developer providing a wide array of FileMaker Pro Development Services to small businesses.

Custom Databases

A FileMaker Pro database can be customized to fit your operation. Many of my clients come to me after searching for an out of the box database and and finding those products don’t exactly match the small business’ operation. Rather than making do with shortcomings, or constructing work-arounds, a custom FileMaker Pro database is designed to fit.

Upgrades & Enhancements

FileMaker Pro Databases often are deployed for many years and very often development slows down or stops. Typically, the business continues to grow but the database does not evolve. We can help adjust or add functionality to suit your operation. Additionally, new versions of FileMaker Pro come with new features that are useful.

Repairs & Maintenance

Over time, some FileMaker Pro databases can become damaged, either through data corruption, or well intentioned users trying to make changes to structure and function. We can help make repairs and perform maintenance.

Version Migrations

FileMaker releases a new version every year or two. As long as there is no compelling reason to upgrade the FileMaker Pro version on which it runs, many businesses decide not to upgrade. Eventually, the time comes when an upgrade is required, and we can help. Often this is a time to provide functional enhancements. Most often this is due to outgrowing the number of licenses in the organization, or replacing workstations results in compatibility issues.

Multi-user Deployment

We can help expand the number of users that can reach your database. We can help install and administer FileMaker Server, or migrate your database to a web hosting company.

FileMaker Pro Educational Resources

User Training

Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose a FileMaker Pro Database for your business is the ease of use. Regular clerical users can be taught about database sturcture and behavior very quickly. One of my skills is to be able to relate to and train a clerical staff.


Some clients have in house developers and utilize my tutoring services. When they come up with an idea they want to execute but don’t know how, they call me for help. Or, if they have made an error that needs correcting, I am their source for assistance.


Whether it’s an in house developer, or an independent developer getting started, I can be an educational resource.


Small businesses considering the FileMaker Pro solution often do not have a firm grasp of what is involved in choosing this path for their data processing needs. I can help explain all the issues at play and assist in the decision making process.


From time to time, ideas from clients or prospective clients are outside my experience. I can perform a research effort which may or may not include consulting with my industry counterparts. There are resources available to me that business owners my not have on their own.