Demonstration Videos

Videos were created from the CWINGS system built with FileMaker Pro version 11. CWINGS has been updated to run on FileMaker Pro versions 12, 13 and 14.

VIDEO #1 – CWINGS CRM, Time Tracking & Billing

This video describes the main components: Customers, Work Orders and Invoicing

VIDEO #2 – CWINGS Accounts Receivable Management

This video describes the A/R functionality: THE List, Statements, Account Summary Report, Account Detail Report

VIDEO #3 – CWINGS Asset Management

This video describes the hardware and software deployment tool for network administration.

VIDEO #4 – CWINGS Domain Administration

This video describes the Domain Access layout for recording all the locations and connection details for network support, database administration, web site maintenance and LAN/WAN connections.

VIDEO #5 – CWINGS Security and Encryption

This video describes the Native FileMaker security, and custom Encryption options available in CWINGS.