Here are a few testimonials, recommendations and referrals from people with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating.

Juliette Mroczkowski
Principal, InterLicense, Ltd.

Ron has been an invaluable resource to our business. We came to Ron without any knowledge of how to go about building a database and rather complicated requests for our system. Through excellent problem solving and exceptional knowledge of filemaker Ron has not only managed to create exactly the system we needed, but has managed to improve and expand upon our original ideas and goals. Ron has been consistently thorough, patient, professional and available for all our needs and requests and I highly recommend his services.

Don Bury
Principal, Insurance Cost Reduction Services

Ron is an expert on databases, and it doesn’t take long to get that he’s one of those database guys that can get systems to sing; provide people exactly the reports they need to function at high levels, from large pools of confusing, murky information.

There’s lots of talented database guys out there, but to find one with Ron’s deeply embedded integrity, humble attitude and devotion to service… well you can hunt a long time. Any deal you do with Ron will go well. He will make sure of that. He will accurately represent his abilities, and he will be very careful to make sure your expectations align with what actually happens. Trust Ron. He’s one of the good ones!

Dawn Amos
AXIS Medical Education

In working with Ron over the last 5 years, the development of our FileMaker Pro database has grown even beyond my highest expectations thanks to his administration. Ron’s greatest ability is to listen and understand what I’m asking the database to do and then make it happen. His knowledge and technical skills allow him to offer solutions to problems, better than I had imagined they could be solved. He is quick to respond to any issue and provides world class customer service.

Chris Johnson
Partner, Johnson & Pham, LLP

Johnson & Pham, LLP highly recommends Ronald Licht & Associates’ IT consulting for your business. Since 2011, Ron has been an integral part of our firm’s success and continued expansion. He performed an extensive upgrade to our Filemaker Pro database and has spent enormous efforts formulating and programming this amazing software into a highly sophisticated data network. His extremely valuable efforts have been essential to our law firm and are utilized on a daily basis by ten or more employees. Ron’s ingenuity, attention to detail, patience, and creative edge have taken an out-of-the-box software server program and turned it into one of the most productive members of this firm. His efforts have literally allowed us to have a program do the work of at least two full time employees. He is the best.

Monica Butler
Education Assistant, School and Teacher Programs, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Ron creatively helped me to find solutions within the structure of my current database. His work was thorough and he always put in the extra effort to explain each step to me. For a novice user like myself, Ron’s help was invaluable not only for improving functionality, but also helping me to become a more savvy user.

Alan Silverman
Controller, Institute for Medical Education and Research, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Ron over a 3 year span. He had the ideal combination of skills that produced great results. He took the time to understand our business needs, both listening and asking great questions. He then used his IT expertise to produce great results. He also worked with numerous other consultants and members of our company and it was clear he knew how to work with different personalities and various professionals. In addition to being creative, an expert, and producing great results, Ron is personable, on time with his work, a strong communicator, has high integrity, and was a great value for our company. Working with Ron is certain to benefit anyone in need of his skills and experience.

Ted Potter
Owner, TechMarin

Ron developed a custom database system for me that includes contact management, work order and invoicing. This database is key in my business operations and has allowed me to expand my business and increase the quality of my service. I highly recommend and endorse completely his service.

Richard Hoffman
Senior Engineer, Entisys

I was lucky to work with Ron for several years and he was a great mentor in my earlier days of IT. As our IT Director, Ron was able to easily explain technical information to all user levels. He was also able to solve our toughest FileMaker problems by designing the clean and efficient functionality that we needed.

Ron was not only a great project manager but would personally do whatever it took to complete a project successfully. Our co-workers and clients loved Ron and I know he is truly a pleasure to work with.

I definitely recommend Ron for database and technology projects!

Dan Gilbert
Co-founder / Designer at Artisan Website Design

I’ve worked with Ron on and off for about 15 years. He is a problem solver who always gets the job done. I would trust Ron with any challenge knowing it is in the best hands.

Julia Cunningham
Planner, Research & Development at Enterprise Events Group

I have hired Ron Licht as an independent database consultant several times over the past decade — in fact, I think I have hired him for every company that I have worked with since we first met many years ago. Ron is very knowledgeable and has a breadth of experience in many fields. He is able to work with non-technical people to define the specifications of their projects and to design systems to meet their needs. He is calm, patient and analytical, good-natured and a real team player. Overall, Ron is a great person to work with!

Peter Towers
Sr. Systems Engineer at BC Networks

Ron joined our IT team pretty soon after a major System upgrade, primarily to develop the web side of operations, but also take charge of the direction of IT as a whole. I was the only IT and telephony go-to-guy in the organization at the time, and it was very satisfying to have a guy like Ron come in with a fresh set of eyes. Although Ron is more more of a web and database developer, he certainly understands IT processes and contributed with valid constructive criticism and contributed with ideas and suggestion of technologies. Ron stays calm under pressure, picks up the most disparate topics quickly, and maintains his focus on what’s important. I hope to get the opportunity to work with Ron again in the future, and warmly recommends him to anyone who’s looking for a no-nonsense, tech-savvy, and friendly database developer.