Painting Contractor Software

Customer, Property and Proposal Database System for Painting Contractors

Our Painting Contractor Software provides a simple way to enter information about your prospects and sold customers and their properties. Proposals are easily generated from standardized text that you enter.

Lets your back office staff track:

  • Customers
  • Properties
  • Proposal Status

Cuts the time it takes to generate a proposal:

  • Generate proposals at the click of a button
  • Eliminate searching through dozens (or hundreds) of previous proposals
  • Eliminate cloning and editing previous proposals in Microsoft WORD
  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets

Puts information at your fingertips:

  • Know who your customers are
  • Know which prospects did not accept your proposals
  • Know which customers have more than one property
  • Know which customers you have worked with more than once
  • Generate proposals in PDF format
  • Maintain a complete customer history
  • Maintain a mailing list for newsletters and marketing campaigns

But the perhaps best thing about PaintWare?  IT CAN BE EASILY CUSTOMIZED TO FIT YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS!

  • Use letterhead for proposals, or add graphics to the system and eliminate letterhead
  • Create standard text for each job type for the basis of your proposals
  • The System is written in FileMaker Pro v12 and is delivered in open source condition
  • Create new reports
  • Create new calculations
  • Automate other back office functions
  • Flexible enough to be used by any building trade contractor.

Painting Contractor Software¬†— PaintWare Video — SPEED TEST

Proof positive that you can add a new customer, property and generate proposal in less than 2 minutes!

To view the video in a new window, click here

Painting Contractor Software – PaintWare SCREEN SHOTS


The Customer Screen contains the several fields that define a customer: Name, Title, Company, Mailing Address, Contact Details.

There is also a “portal” to record an unlimited number of properties a customer can own or manage.

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The Property screen is where the full address of each property is entered.

There is also a “portal” to enter and view an unlimited number of proposals that have been generated for each property over time.

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The Proposal screen is where each bid is constructed. Depending on what job type is selected, boilerplate (standard) text can be brought in and customized for the property.

This is also where the status can be recorded. A new proposal would be “pending” until it was “accepted” or “rejected”. If “accepted”, the dollar amount of the job can be recorded here.

This layout can also hold a PDF of the outgoing proposal, or a PDF scan of the returned proposal signed by the customer.

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Bid Components

The BID COMPONENT layout is where the standard (boilerplate) text is entered for each job type. (There should only be one entry for each Job Type.)

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Printed Proposal

Once the Proposal is constructed, it can be viewed on a layout suitable for printing. The layout is set up with the assumption that it will be printed on company letterhead, but it can be customized to hold the company graphics so it can be printed on regular paper.

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Painting Contractor Software – How to Order PaintWare

The Platform – FileMaker Pro v12

PaintWare was created in FileMaker Pro version 12, available from FileMaker, Inc. ( at a cost of $299 per user. Our software is a single file and is delivered in open source format. That means that each installation of Paintware is unlocked and can be customized. It also means that each computer that uses PaintWare will need a FileMaker Pro license. With an unlocked database, users can:

  • Add logos and change color preferences
  • Add or edit fields, layouts and scripts
  • Build reports
  • Assign user logins/passwords
  • Add new functions and features

The Price

PaintWare is desktop software with a one time purchase price of $600. It is a database that resides on your desktop computer, or your file server or your web hosting service. The purchase price includes up to 2 hours of support for installation, training, and customization. We are available to customize, or expand the software for you at a rate of $75 per hour.

For a demonstration, additional information, comments and questions, please use our contact form. A 30 day, full featured trial version is available.

PaintWare ( is a database system created by Ronald Licht & Associates (